Street Food
Bhel Puri: A refreshing snack of potatoes, vegetables, onion, cilantro, peanuts, spices and puffed rice with green and tamarind chutneys$6.00
Vada Pav: A spicy potato dumpling dipped in chickpea batter and fried. Served on a roll with chutneys. The "Poor Man's Burger" of Mumbai$3.25
Dahi Papri Chaat: Housemade crackers topped with chickpeas, potatoes, yogurt, cilantro and tamarind chutney$6.00
Kati Roll: Found throughout the street stalls of Kolkata, kati rolls are meat or paneer, egg, pickled onion and green chutney rolled in paratha, indian flatbread.
Choice of chicken, paneer cheese, or beef
Pav Bhaji: A favorite of Mumbai's mill workers, "bread and vegetables" is a mixture of potatoes, vegetables, tomato and spices, served with buttered rolls. Add cheese for $1.00. $6.50
Aloo Tikki: Pan-fried spiced potato patties served with chickpea chole and green chutney$6.00
Samosa Cholle: Two savory pastries filled with spiced potatoes, onions, ginger and peas. Topped with chickpea chole and green chutney$7.00
(Alberta) Mumbai Sandwich: A vegetable sandwich of cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese and beets, grilled and topped with chutneys and sev$6.50
Small Plates
Goan Style Shrimp: Shrimp with curry leaves, chile, coconut milk and lime. Served with saffron rice$11.50
(Alberta) Egg Masala: Hard-boiled eggs in a spicy tomato and yogurt curry. Served with saffron rice $7.00
Chicken Curry: Bone-in thigh and leg with an aromatic and creamy curry. Served with saffron rice$9.50
Pork Vindaloo: A Portuguese influenced dish from Goa. Pork braised with red chiles, garlic and vinegar. Served with buttered rolls$10.00
(Division) Paneer Makhani House-made paneer in a rich and creamy tomato and cashew curry. Served with saffron rice$9.00
Thali Meals
Choice of curry (from list below) served with saffron rice, sambar, dal, raita, paratha and green chutney
(Alberta) Egg Masala$12.00
Chicken Curry$14.50
Goan-Style Shrimp$16.50
(Division) Paneer Makhani$14.00
Vegetables and Sides
Okra: Julienned and fried with chile, lime and raita$6.50
Beets: Roasted with coconut milk and curry leaves$6.00
Winter Squash: Roasted and served with yogurt, red chile and pomegranate seeds$7.50
Gobi Manchurian Indo-Chinese fried cauliflower with lemon, curry leaves and a sweet and sour sauce$6.50
Paratha: Layered Indian flatbread with ghee$2.25
Trio of Chutneys: with pappadums$2.25
Sambar: vegetable, tamarind and pigeon pea stew$2.25
Rice: saffron-scented, Basmati long grain rice$2.25
Dal: lentils simmered with spices$2.25
Chole: spiced garbanzo bean stew$2.25
Raita: yogurt with cucumber and cilantro$2.25
Pimm's Cup: Pimm's, ginger syrup, lemon juice, cucumber juice and a splash of soda$7.00
Gin and Tonic: invented by the East India Trading Company, plymouth gin, fevertree tonic and lime$7.00
Darna Mana Hai: Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Apple Juice, Becherovka, Bitters, Fresh Lemon, Topped with Nutmeg and a splash of dry hard cider $8.00
Kabhi Kabhie: Bacardi '8' Rum, Campari, Pineapple Juice, Bitters, Fresh Lime Juice$8.00
Kingfisher (on tap) (India)$4.00
Upright Farmhouse 5 (on tap) (pdx)$4.25
Rotating IPA (on tap)$4.50
Elysian IPA$4.00
Fort George "Quick Wit"$3.00
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale$3.25
Crispin Hard Cider$3.75
Pabst Blue Ribbon$2.50
Please see specials board
Yogurt Lassi: Sweet, Salt or Mango$3.00
Ginger-Lime Soda: cold and refreshing$3.00
Chai: milky and sweet, served hot or cold$2.50
Thum's Up (India)$2.50
Limca (India)$2.50
Diet Coke$1.50
Coke in a bottle. made with real sugarcane$2.00
Mineral Water$1.50